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Moving Hack: Create A Packing Schedule

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Moving is the start of a new adventure. Whether you’re relocating for work, school, or just a change of scenery, moving is as exciting as it is daunting. To take the stress out of your next move, do what our professional Gainesville movers do and create a packing schedule. By having a plan in place before moving, you can avoid messy packing habits and stay organized as you transition to a new home or apartment.

Follow these tips from UF Mover Guys for help curating a packing schedule and make your move hassle-free. Need professional moving services? Contact us today to get a free quote!

Stick To A Timeline

It’s never too early to begin the moving process, and there is plenty to do before transferring personal belongings out of the house. Start by gradually storing away non-essentials and work up to the necessities — packing in spurts rather than all at once is a simple way to alleviate stress. Look for unwanted items accumulated over the years in the attic, basement, and other less-frequented areas in the house — schedule junk removal services for easier decluttering.

Downsizing can help reduce what your moving company needs to transport and thus save you money on service fees. As moving day nears, consider hosting a garage sale or donating unused but still functional items to help reduce clutter.

Write It All Down

Create a schedule for packing each room. Doing so can help you turn the monstrous project that is packing into a more manageable task. Try grouping by sections of the house or selecting only certain days of the week to pack. By labeling boxes and writing tasks down, you’ll be better able to track what is packed away and have an easier time when moving day arrives. Don’t forget these easy-to-forget items on moving day!

Aside from helping you manage your move, task lists are also highly rewarding. That feeling you get when checking off a task from a list is a highly cathartic experience unlike no other. By the time you’re done moving, you’ll have written proof of all your hard work.

Keep Track Of What You Pack

After moving, many people are stuck searching box-by-box for essential items needed that first night at their new place. When unrelated items are boxed together, unpacking can turn into a scavenger hunt. But you can avoid this messy headache altogether by packing a priority box. Have some stuff you’d rather store away? Schedule climate-controlled storage services!

Depending on your chosen timeline, plan which rooms should be packed first. Start with places with items you’re unlikely to use soon, such as the dining room, and work your way into more common areas, such as the bedrooms and living room. Going room by room a day at a time reduces that tired feeling after hours of packing. Packing this way also helps keep like-items together, so you aren’t later left wondering how the toothpaste ended up with the family photos.

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